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5 Project Types Where Hiring A Skip Is A No-Brainer

Home with large patio doors leading out to back garden in the middle of renovation which will require a skip to be hired to dispose of waste material

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to start a home improvements project or you an owner of a bulding and construction business, it’s very often likely that hiring a skip to dispose of waste materials is extremely important in ensuring your project runs as smooth as possible.

Are you unsure however on whether your project is big and worthy enough to justify the costs and hassle of having in big large bulky container on your site? If so here are five types of projects where hiring a skip should be given some serious consideration.

Construction/Building Waste

Construction waste refers to any substance that is derived from the construction, repair or demolition of any structure or building. Since the majority of construction waste originates from commercial construction projects, it’s classified as commercial waste, and can’t be recycled at your local recycling centre.

The best and most efficient method to manage and dispose of waste generated by any construction project, big and small is by hiring a skip.

Generally speaking, the most suitable skip to hire for these types of building and construction projects is the 8 cubic yard Builders skip. If you look to order anything larger such as the 12 or 14 yard skip then the type of material you will disposing will likely exceed the permitted weight limit.

Office/Business Premises Refurbishement

If you’re planning on renovating or moving your office, you’ll likely generate lots of waste and rubbish, such as older office tools, obsolete furniture, un-sensitive paper as well as old fittings and fixtures such as carpets and ceiling tiles.

The best method to get rid of this type of waste and unwanted is to hire the services of a skip company. In addition any reputable company you use for hiring a skip will sort and recycle your materials best and most environmentally friendly way possible.

House Renovation/Refurbishment

Renovations can provide a major overhaul to any home and can also add significant value. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying out a loft conversion, removing that old avocado bathroom suite, or giving a new lease of life to your kitchen, you will definitely generate lots of waste.
Don’t bother with multiple trips to recycling facilities or struggling to get your old cast iron bath onto a trailer you borrowed from a friend or family member. Hiring a skip will without doubt be the simplest and easiest option to take.

Garden Clearance

It’s difficult to manage the garden debris at certain times of the year for instance, autumn or spring, however, in the event that you’re undertaking a large garden clearance, re-turfing the lawn, or cleaning the garage or shed, then hiring a skip is likely to be the perfect  garden clearance, re-turfing the lawn, or clearing your garage or shed, then hiring a skip is likely to be the perfect solution for you

It will not only reduce the time and cost of taking all the waste materials away to the refuse centre or tip, but it will obviuously prevent all the mess you’re likely to make if you use your own car or van.

House Clearance

As most of us can probably vouch for, our homes can become incredibly cluttered in next to no time . Old clothes we no longer wear are packed in bags and stored in the loft, broken electrical devices stored away in our cupboards, as well as old books and magazines boxed away and gathering dust in the spare room. All this mess and clutter makes our home a lot more suffocating and claustrophobic.

If your home is due for an thorough and comprehensive declutter, then hiring a skip will help move you away from the inclination to hoarde and instead become more ruthless to simply get rid.

So if you’re about to embark on large project similar to the ones named above, then hiring a skip is probably the best option for you. Here at Ansawdd Skip Hire Swansea we have skip sizes for all types of projects ranging from domestic skips i.e mini, midi and maxi skips as well as much larger commercial skips including RoRos. 

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