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We deliver trusted and professional waste removal services and affordable skips for hire in Gorseinon. Commercial businesses, construction companies and homeowners have been using our skips for a number of years in the Gorseinon area and we’ve been proud to serve them for all their waste disposal needs.

As a leading skips Gorseinon service we are environmentally conscious to the utmost degree where recycling and safe responsible waste disposal is a major priority in our whole business ethos. We respect our environment and follow stringent guidelines to ensure we meet  government targets on recycling and waste.

Our staff are hard working and committed to offering all our customers a professional service that they need and expect. They are also experienced and knowledgeable about the industry and are able to provide the best solution or service for all your waste disposal and skip hiring needs.

So if you are resident in Gorseinon or the surrounding areas and you’re having a house or garage clearance, or maybe your business needs to dispose of large amounts of cardboard or packaging then Ansawdd Skip Hire will have the solution for you. Get in touch with us today by phone or through our contact form on the right and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

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Our Services Include:

Services we deliver to our Gorseinon customers include:

  • Domestic Skip Hire
  • Commercial Skip Hire
  • Local Skip Hire
  • Best Skip Hire
  • Rent a Skip
  • 8 Yard Skip Hire
  • 3 Yard Skips
  • 5 Yard Skips for Hire
  • Builders Skip Hire
  • Residential Skip Hire Services
  • Mini Skip Hire
  • Small Skip Hire
  • Maxi Skip Hire
  • Cheap Skip Hire
  • Wait & Load Skips
  • Roll On Roll Off Skip Hire
  • Enclosed Skips
  • 1 Day Skip Hire
  • Household Skips

Gorseinon, Swansea

Gorseinon can be found in the City, County of Swansea and Wales near the Loughor Estuary. It was once a small village, until the late 19th-century when it became a hub for the coal mine and Tinplate industries. It is located in the northwest of Swansea City Centre and about 6 miles (10km) from the city center. Gorseinon has a local government community and an elected council.

In the 2011 Census, the Gorseinon area town council population was 8,693. The ONS identifies an area known as the Gorseinon Urban Area. This area includes all the continuously built-up area around Gorseinon. This area contains Gorseinon Loughor , Garden Village , Penllergaer and has a total population of 20,581.

The name Gorseinon refers to “Einon’s marsh” It is derived because of the softly altered version that comes from Welsh cors “marsh” and the personal name of a male named Einon The identity of which is uncertain. The name “Einon” is a reference to the Welsh word “marsh”. Einon could be the Southern version for the surname Einion. The first soft mutation is inconsistent and would not be expected to occur in Corseinon. The abbreviated name for the town is in Welsh is Y Gors (the marsh). In this case, the soft mutation is completely normal (occurring when feminine nouns are followed by the specific article) This could have prompted the change from the name Corseinon into Gorseinon. The “standard” variant for the word, Corseinion can be seen as a plea to fellow tinplate workers from Cymro Coch in 1882.

Gorseinon is a bustling high-street in the middle of town. The other main places of work are the adjacent Garngoch Industrial estate in Penllergaer, Gorseinon Business Park and Kingsbridge Business Park. In the past, the Bryngwyn steelworks and Valeo plant were the main employer in town, but they were shut down in the 1990s. As a result of the closings and the decline of the town’s economy, it was decided that the National Assembly for Wales set Gorseinon Regeneration Strategy. Gorseinon Regeneration Strategy to invest in a variety of projects to improve the town’s infrastructure.

A huge Asda retail store opened in September.

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