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Skip hire is a very popular service for home owners and property owners alike. Despite skip hire being a efficient, safe and ideal way of disposing of your household and business waste, it can be seen by many as an expensive option.

Below are our Skip Hire Swansea prices for our range of different sizes. However we must note that these are just guide prices and may vary.  For more accurate prices please contact our sales team by phone or through the contact form on our website.

Ansawdd Skip Hire Swansea Prices

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Skip Size

Guide Price


2 Yard Skip


From £ 60


4 Yard Skip


From £100-£260


6 Yard Skip


From £110


8 Yard Skip


From £150- £375


12 Yard Skip


From £220- £450


14 Yard Skip


Prices From £200


20 Yard Roll On-Roll Off (Ro-Ro)


Prices from £290


30 Yard Roll On- Roll Off (Ro-Ro)


Prices from £340


Lockable Skips (Range of Sizes)


Prices £200- £300

Factors Contributing and Affecting Your Skip Hire Swansea Prices


As with all businesses running a skip hire and waste disposal business requires employing staff to drive the lorries, sort the collected waste, take order and bookings. Additionally there’s costs for the skip hire depot, offices, lorries and processing the waste. All these costs govern how much skip hire companies need to charge their customers in order to be profitable.

Disposing of the Waste

When skip hire companies return loaded skips back to their depot they have to sort and segregate all the waste in their transfer station. Here the waste is either recycled, taken for incineration, a waste to energy facility or landfill.

Waste to energy facilities charge skip hire companies to accept their waste. Landfill site charges are usually the most expensive due mainly to the imposed landfill taxes on such waste, and obviously you also have the logistical and operational costs of transporting all these different types of waste materials to these different types facilities is the correct state for them to be accepted.

Council Permit Costs

If you have no room to place a skip on your own land or property and the only option you have is to place it on a public council owned road then you will need a skip hire permit. Skip hire permits are issued by local councils and vary in costs, ranging from £15 to more than £60. As of June 2020, skip permits through Swansea council cost £43 and are valid for 28 days. Here at Ansawdd, we are happy to make your skip permit application for you and include it in the price

Weight Limits

Rules and regulations regarding how much weight can be put in a skip vary for all Skip Hire companies. Generally however, skip weight limits follow the assumption that one cubic yard of waste equates to approximately 1 tonne- meaning a 4 yard skip has a 4 tonne capacity and 8 yard skip has an 8 tonne capacity.

Another important factor to consider is that skips up to 8 yards in size can be level loaded with heavy materials such as soil bricks and rubble, but skips larger than this must be filled with a mixture of heavy and light materials to ensure it doesn’t exceed the weight limits of the skip hire lorry.

So the simple tip is always ensure your skip load is level.


Travel time and distance will also be a factor on the price of hiring a skip. If the skip driver has to travel a long distance particualrly to a rural location, spending more time getting to and from the skip hire destination, then this will have to costed in to the final hire price

Types of Waste Materials

Also, the type of waste material you are going to dispose of affects the pricing. While almost all types of waste are acceptable, there are still restrictions in terms of the items that can be disposed of. If the skip company finds out that you are throwing out restricted items, you will most likely pay a higher fee for violating the waste material guidelines.