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Skip Hire V Hippo Bag

Hippo bag full of rubble and domestic skip on roadside

Home improvement is not all about remodeling your interior or exterior. It’s wise to also invest in the best waste management solutions in the market. You have to deal with proper waste management in one way or another.

One incredible strategy is to opt for the best waste collection strategies. And here is where skip hire services and alternatives come in and save the day. The waste management methods you choose should provide a reliable and budget-effective way of collecting waste and reducing the waste impact on the environment.

Skip hire or hippo bags provide homeowners and business owners an excellent method to embrace and solve waste removal woes. However, there is a lot to look at before deciding on skip hire v hippo bag.

Skip Hire v Hippo Bag

A skip is a waste collection container that comes with distinctive features and can be loaded onto a special collection lorry. Skip hire involves a customer’s decision to opt for the services of a waste management company that has rented out skips. A skip bag is an alternative for skip bins or containers for hire.

Choosing between skip hire and skip bags may be daunting, but you can still get it right. In this light, here is how a comparison between a skip hire vs. hippo bag that will ease the hassle.

1. Main Uses

The purposes of a skip container vary from those of using hippo bags. A skin container is convenient for use in the collection of garden waste and construction trash. Construction waste is any trash that originates from demolition, building, renovation, or remodeling sites. You can also use your skip hire to deliver construction products and then use it to remove the waste.

Besides home improvement projects, skin hire can aid in handyman repair or maintenance projects as well as green clean-up projects.

Hippo bags are used like a small skip. These bags are ideal for small gardens, household projects, and do-it-yourself projects. They aid in collecting waste for messy projects that involve loose debris. You can use skip bags to collect soil, broken bricks, and tiles. Your skip bag is an excellent alternative if you have a small space to put your skip container.

2. The Costs

The cost of skip hire will vary significantly from that of a hippo or skin bag. It’s cost-effective to buy your own skip bag than buying a skip container. The cost of a skip bag will depend on the choices you make. You can decide to pay for both the hippo bag and the collection prices and save more.

The cost of skip hire will vary depending on the volume of the rubbish your plan to remove and the type of skip hired. Skip hire is a cost-effective option if you are collecting a lot of debris, especially when you are supposed to make multiple trips to the landfill. In essence, it’s budget-friendly to hire a skip bag than a similar-sized skip container.

3. Size Variances

Hippo bags come in three main sizes great for use in getting rid of household waste. You can opt for midi bags great for soil, bricks, and rubble disposal. Megabags are suitable for massive waste, while hipposkips are excellent for larger and lighter waste.

Skips for hire come in varied sizes from a mini skip, midi skip, builders skip, to larger builders skip. You can also decide to pick open skips, closed skips, roll-on, and roll-off skips or mobile skip bins.

4. Keeping Hippo Bag after Use

You can keep your skip bag after a man and van waste collection exercise, and reuse it afterward. Don’t forget to make inquiries depending on the waste collection company you are working with, especially if you want to save on the next collection.

Hire Waste Management Professionals

It should not be that hard to decide on skip hire versus hippo bag. Significantly, don’t hesitate to find and work with a company that offers commercial and residential waste removal services. We are your go-to skip hire company in Swansea, and we promise you top-notch and professional services.

We have a crew of experts dedicated to meet your waste removal needs. We offer a wide range of flexible services, and you can inquire about a free quote stress-free. Contact us today for more information about skip and hippo bags hire.

Hippo bag full of rubble and domestic skip on roadside

Skip Hire V Hippo Bag

Home improvement is not all about remodeling your interior or exterior. It’s wise to also invest in the best waste management solutions in the market.

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